With a name that hints at color and nature, Lylak makes a point to play with heart and leave the stage a bit more beautiful than they found it.

The indie rock quartet, based in Lexington KY, started in 2015 as a solo project of Gideon Maki (vox/guitar), gradually gaining members and honing their sound. The unique musical backgrounds of the members mix up an eclectic blend of influences, which is a boon for the listener.

Interweaving vocals, from Maki and Elizabeth Varnado (vox/violin/guitar), present approachable lyrics which explore the lighter and darker aspects of life and love, memory and friendship.

Dynamic guitar licks catch the ear while swelling synths, moody violin, and intricate rhythms (Paul Varnado, bass/synth; Zachary Martin, drums) color the background.

Lylak’s third EP, Leave it to Light — set to release in 2019 — showcases the benefit of letting disparate ideas simmer and steep to eventually meld together in the confidence of musical comaraderie.

Press play for an exclusive “first listen” of songs
Beggar and Roads off of Leave it to Light.


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Upcoming shows

Performance Highlights

Mar 13 2019 Zanzabar w/ Casey Powell and The Jesse Lees Louisville, KY

Jan 12 2019 Jarfly Brewing Somerset, KY

Dec 05 2018 Manchester Music Hall Lexington, KY

Dec 03 2018 WRFL “Know Your Own” Festival 2018 Lexington, KY

Nov 08 2018 The Burl w/ Matthiew Thiessen and the Earthquakes Lexington, KY

Aug 23 2018 UKY “SoundWaves” Music Festival 2018 Lexington, KY

Jun 08 2018 Warner Brothers HQ Nashville, TN

Jun 05 2018 The Comet w/Carriers Cincinnati, OH

May 12 2018 Wilcutt Guitars 50th Anniversary Celebration Lexington, KY

Apr 21 2018 Record Store Day 2018 at CD Central Lexington, KY

Apr 14 2018 Beaux Arts Ball 2018 Lexington, KY

Mar 18 2018 Castle Ellerbe Louisville, KY

Mar 17 2018 The Black Lodge Bloomington, IN

Mar 16 2018 Springwater Supper Club Nashville, TN

Mar 15 2018 Preservation Pub Knoxville, TN

Jan 21 2018 The Burl w/ Rayland Baxter and Bendigo Fletcher Lexington, KY